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Weapon Arts - is knowledge that passed through the centuries, this body movements that affect its beauty, brevity and perfection, purity and clarity of this thought, this constant self-improvement and development...

Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū - Samurai School fencing, which is more than five centuries and is considered correct oldest remaining for today. Time infinite and fleeting, but still is that and not under it, the fact that for centuries has proven its excellence and continues to impress everyone who touched this. Formal complexes (kata), remains almost unchanged and allow for a new feel to your body, improve and improve it, see the world anew...

Iaido(Jpn.居 合 道) - is the art of immediate counter-attack or using a Japanese sword (Katana). Unlike Kendo and ken-jitsu, fencing is not studied here, namely the immediate killing of the enemy initially hidden blade.

Iai-Jutsu- Instant art baring the sword, which has a purely practical orientation, while iaido (especially after the Second World War) in many ways discipline is designed to nurture the spirit.

Ju-Jutsu (Jiu-Jitsu, Jpn.柔 术) - from Yap. 柔 [ju] (soft, flexible, malleable, pliable) and 术 [jutsu] (technique, method) - "art of softness" - the general name used for Japanese martial arts which include engineering work with or without a weapon. So, Ju-Taijutsu - Arts dogfight, the basic principle of which is "soft, pliable" machinery movements.

FCS Kali - Filipino Combat System - The system is extremely fast and efficient conduct of the battle based on Philippine martial arts. FCS system is designed so as to complement any type of martial art. FCS is based on different technologies, combined in one system, so you can more deeply understand the wonderful world of Filipino martial arts.
It is not just any one system, it includes a wide range of systems. FCS - a connection that allows practitioners to bridge the gap between systems and techniques through the use of "common denominators" that they all contain.

FCS KaliWith Katori and FCS Kali, if desired, you can learn and fully master:

  • possession of any weapon, from shortest to longest (all kinds of Swords - Katana, vakydzasi, machetes, baronh, Chris, talibonh ..., all kinds of poles - because, sibat, Jo, Bastogne, yavara, muzzle-muzzle, any what kinds of knives - Tanto, Dagger, balisonh, kerambit, halberds, spears, etc ...)
  • art of throwing any objects: a knife, syuryken, nail...
  • art of fighting without weapons: Ju-Taijutsu (jujitsu), FCS, Kali...
  • history of various martial arts
  • and more.
  • Besides these great classes provide an opportunity to improve your health, strengthen the body and soul and become more integrated personality regardless of your age.

Training is available each.

Classes on the one hand, healthy, affordable and netravmatychni even very elderly people (most famous artists have lived and continue to engage, to 90-95 years, and founder of the school Katori died at age 102 years). On the other hand, they allow you to very effectively develop a number of qualities necessary for anyone: Attention, reaction, coordination of movements, a sense of distance, proper relaxation and concentration, proper breathing, correct posture, connecting hips to move the upper body. Finally, the full stress of modern life is important that lessons Katori provide excellent relaxation and energy output, again virtually eliminating injuries. Is critical and work with arms of different lengths, which enables effective use to defend themselves any items.

Currently in Ukraine to attend can get to Ivano-Frankivsk. Undergo regular training and seminars.

Learning happening at school with the support:

  • Ivano-Frankivsk Federation of Martial Arts;
  • Russian Kobudo, under which we study the technique of the traditional Samurai weapons school Tensyn Seting Katori Shinto-Ryu;
  • Lviv Centre Filipino Martial Arts;

According to contribute to knowledge about the traditions and we are sincerely grateful to our tutors:

  • Babkin Army: - mentor, coach federation, representative of the school Tensyn Seting Katori Shinto-Ryu in Ukraine and his mentor Luk'yanov Stanislav V., who received a certificate mokuroku and is the official school Tensyn Seting Katori Shinto-Ryu in Russia.
  • Andriy Kucher-mentor, Filipino martial arts master Lviv
  • Martin Medvitsu - mentor, coach FCS Kali Slovakia
  • Ivanyshyn Sergei Vasilievich - coach, martial artist, vice president Ivano-Frankivsk Federation of Martial Arts

Classes are held daily:

Record of employment:

Mon, Wed 18:00-21:00 - Positron, Kolomyis'ka 9, number 8 School, gym
Tue, Thu 18:00-21:00 - Center Pd.Bulvar 40 Sport Club Mongoose "

 or by phone. 380984884550

We invite everyone to attend
Martial Arts School in Katori - FCS.

For more information you can get
tel. +38(098)4884550
e-mail: olegp_if@mail.ru

Remember! To get full access to all materials - must register!

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Велике спасибі за виділений час, цікаву та цінну інформацію та знання!!!

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