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FCS Program

Program for FCS - Level 1

1) Form 1-12 (basic angles of attacku)
2) displacement technique:
- Triangles: open (6 lines), closed (master / reverse)
- "Diamond"
- Move sideways
- Back and forth
- Futvork sparring (various travel in pairs and a variety of options for interaction with empty
3) The concept of the four distances:
- Far
- Average
- Middle
- Extremely short-range
Explain the work on each track, which strikes are used, how they are applied, etc. Display and demonstrate in humans.
4) Basic strikes:
Techniques of classical Arnis (2 - me and one blade)
5) Basic Blocks
- 4 walls and the back blocks
- Building blocks of all 12 strokes with the technique of displacement on the open triangles (male, female)
- Blocks of 12 attacks with the technique of displacement by closed triangles (triangles in the top right and left sides)
- Safety kontrados FCS:combination of basic blocks and punches (4 basic combinations) with the movements on the open triangles.
6) Rotate and change grips stick.
7) Knife
Basic teping
- From cuts in the neck, left / right
- From injections in the neck, left / right
- From injections in the legs
- Impact on the top
- The injection into the stomach
- The use of the concept of 3 of 9 templeyta in tepinge.
Want to make sure implementation of exercise, along with basic technique of displacement.
The first FCS templeyt with a knife (Level 1): define the basic purpose of the human body.
8) form FCS mano-mano
9) Karenza

Program for FCS - Level 2

Section One Stick
1) Form 1 - 36 (64)
2) 5 versions of FCS Cinco teros
3) Technique kontrados FCS
- Execution of blocks and counterattacks with a stick in conjunction with the technique of premescheny
lead (closed) left and right triangle
- Execution of blocks and counterattacks stick with the actions of a free hand or
foot (strokes, seizures)
4) FCS tranzishn Drill 1-3 for the right hand, and 1-2 for the left hand
Including technology-changer right hand to the left during the exercise)
- 1-2-3 combination of options for the right hand on the middle and near
-Use of 5 options FCS Cinco teros in tranzishn Drill
5) FCS sumbrada (runs for 6 bills)
- In the middle and long distance,
- Using the lateral displacement,
- Premeschayas on leading and the reverse triangle
- On his knees,
- In the prone position,
- Combining all the options.
Section Two. Knife
1) Tapping with a knife:
- Demonstrate the attack phase and phase protection (active use
second hand: the attacker
uses an attack with a knife, schistki, seizures and painful traps. Defender
- Used in tapping 3.9 templeyta with active use of the second
- All options are tapping carried forward and reverse grip (sak-sak and
2) Hubad (forward and reverse grip / Sak-Sak or puck)
- Gunting inside and outside,
- Top-down and bottom-top,
- Thrust in the middle and lower level
- On his knees and lying,
- Typically 50-50,
- Technique of disarmament.
3) first with a knife templeyt FCS.
implementation partner in the pair
Section Three: Mano Mano
Performing forms FCS mano mano with a partner
- Hubad:
- With power
- To parry
- With elbow protection
- With the elbow
- Including the principles punio mano
Section Four. Karenza with blade

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