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History of Filipino Combat Systems (FCS)

International Organization of Filipino combat systems (FCS) was founded and is led by Ray tuhonom Dionaldo. The headquarters of the organization is located in Tampa, Florida (USA).The main purpose for it is the preservation and promotion of all areas of the Filipino martial arts.
FCS history of creation began when the back yard of Ray Dionaldo group of practitioners, Filipino martial arts (FBI), decided to join together and train together in various systems FBI, despite the competition issues and policy.
Years passed, and this group is becoming more and more.Now at FCS have representatives around the world. They come into the organization from different areas and systems of martial arts, they all share a love for the Filipino martial arts and an unwillingness to be involved in political games federations, which are often stifled development and further advancement.
The basic principle of FCS - a review of the group as a big family, where relationships based on friendship and partnership, accepting each other friendship.
Creation of FCS was not somehow the original idea or a new direction FBI.The main objective was the promotion and dissemination of Filipino martial arts, rather than creating something of their own. It's not just what that one system, it includes a wide range of systems.FCS does not focus on their own particular points of view and the central concepts, it focuses on respect for the other systems that are in it.
FCS instructors can teach one of the major systems in a pure form, but at the same time incorporate some aspects of other areas.Clean the primary system is not lost, but it becomes more than the sum of its parts. FCS - a ligament, which allows practitioners to bridge the gap between systems and techniques through the use of "common denominators" that they contain.
Professor Remy Presas and other masters have always supported and encouraged the development of FCS as a system, as seen and understood that the FCS promotes all Filipino martial arts.

Filipino Combat Systems


Based on the book of Mark Cody and Ray Dionaldo "Filipino combat systems."

FBS is an original creation of Ray Dionaldo, however, his position is based on the statements of Isaac Newton:"If I have seen further, it was because I stood on the backs of giants." The system owes its performance to the fact that Ray was lucky to study with instructors, not only the best in their field, but also those who were willing to share their knowledge with others.

Ray Dionaldo began to train in the classical system of Karate - Wado Ryu. His enthusiasm for anything related to martial arts was all-consuming. He attended classes 6 days a week, and most of his free time is spent on training.

From the beginning, Ray was attracted to a variety of weapons.Nunchaku, steel whip (this weapon almost cost him his eyes), six - any weapon which he could pick up Ray wanted to learn. As a result, it is well learn to control each type of weapon.

Ray Dionaldo found its way into martial arts when the master Bujia Matin began to teach Pekiti Tirsia Kali once a week at the dojo where Ray trained. Cali has developed a fluidity of movements, flow, devoid of rigidity. Karate, as it seemed then been deprived of this flow.And of course kali includes training weapons possession ... in karate, weapons trained only students a high level of training and then not always.

In Kali training begins with the development of weapon technology, and then the skills transferred to the empty hand technique - it is the highest manifestation of martial arts.This method of teaching reflects the natural essence of Kali. For protective purposes people first exploring ways to effectively use weapons. Techniques of unarmed combat will be the last resort, to which he would resort to emergency situations and methods of teaching reflects that.This method was much closer to Ray and he went in search of new knowledge, which led him to new systems of martial arts and an outstanding master.

Teaching in PBS includes but is not limited to the following disciplines:
Mano a mano / hand combat techniques
Sikaran / Techniques kicks
Solo Baston / Technicians use a stick
Double Baston / Technicians use two sticks
Dag / Technicians use a knife
Dag Dag from / techniques to use two knives
Espada / Sword
Espada y Dag / Sword & Dagger
Kerambit / knife with a curved blade
Tobacco-toyok / Nunchaku
Latika / Whip

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